30 Ways to Raise the Risk

Raising the Risk is about sharing the gospel, serving the world, reaching the lost, and obeying Christ at any cost.  This will require steadfastness; so, sign up via e-mail for Raise the Risk posts in the right column of this page for some weekly encouragement.  Let’s get started!

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  1. Intentionally share the gospel with a stranger. Viewing these Way of the Master witnessing clips on YouTube might be helpful in learning to start spiritual conversations leading to the presentation of the Gospel.
  2. Read the Book of Acts.  Study what the Bible says is the way to salvation.  Repentance and faith and trust in Jesus as the Son of God is the only way to be saved.  No prayers, works, or sacrifices will obtain salvation favor with God.
  3. Start a spiritual conversation with a friend known to be a Christian even if such topics do not spontaneously arise.
  4. Buy a take out meal and give it to a homeless person.  Share Christ and a conversation with them. What are needs that can be met? (I would advise traveling with a buddy.)
  5. Sponsor a Compassion Child. It might be that annual birthday money would pay for a one year sponsorship.
  6. Give via Gospel for Asia  in someone’s  honor.
  7.   Read faith-filled books.  Look for some suggestions on my Bookshelf.
  8. Ditch any unclean music and consider replacing it with songs glorifying to God. Some music that animates raising the risk is on my Playlist.
  9. Clean out closets and sell items to raise money for foreign or domestic missions.
  10. Volunteer at a local food pantry or homeless mission.
  11. Be a mentor to a child from a broken family.
  12. Share Jesus with a neighbor, coworker, or healthcare provider.
  13. Go on a mission trip. If that is not possible, consider raising money so that another believer can fulfill the Great Commission.
  14. Forgo eating out for a week, month, or year and donate the saved cash to World Vision.
  15. Spend time in prayer and meditation and fasting.
  16. Pray for pastors, government leaders, the fulfilling of the Great Commission.  For guidance, Operation World, sends 60 days of e-mails outlining global prayer needs.
  17. Be a student of the Bible; not merely a reader.
  18. Pay for a strangers meal.
  19. Pray for sales clerks that their hearts would be won by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  20. Consider selling prized possessions and giving the proceeds to missions, local or foreign relief funds, etc.
  21. Forgoing a vacation, work to aid in disaster relief from the recent tornadoes in the Southeast.
  22. Read the Bible as a family.
  23. Study creation.  Answers in Genesis is a wonderful resource and starting point.
  24. Seek out the lonely and the lost.
  25. Foster or adopt.
  26. Clean out the excess and seek ways to cut consumerism.  Cutting clutter and noise leaves fresh space for the Spirit.
  27. Welcome interruptions.  God might place a holy speed bump in the traffic of life to gain attention.
  28. Read about foreign missionaries. Their faith and God’s faithfulness is inspiring.
  29. Look for God in the ordinary mundane tasks of life.  Consider that David was anointed a king and left to serve as a shepherd for an interim.  What can be learned in the sheep pens of life?
  30. Be obedient to God’s still small voice or His mighty rushing wind.  He is speaking, we must hear and obey.

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”        Matthew 5:14, 16 ESV


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