The Authors

My name is Brooke. Most people, including myself, would not typically describe me as a risk taker in the purest form of the term.  Growing up a definite “scarredy cat,”  I ran for the back door each time a car approached our home.  Nightlights, hands to hold, and my sister as a bed buddy provided comforts to me.

At the age of 8 I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.  At the close of a Sunday night service, the pastor invited people to give their lives to Jesus. He beckoned they come down the aisle to pray.  As he spoke, my 8-year-old heart heard the voice of Christ and felt the conviction of my sin. I indeed a sinner and in need of Jesus’ forgiveness.  He was, and remains, the only way that I can stand blameless before my Father God.  Certain that salvation began at the point I stepped out in faith and repentance, I continue to walk in faith and obedience to God’s calling.

Raise the Risk, birthed in August of 2010, derived from a challenge. My husband of 9 years, Ron, commissioned our students and adult leaders to share our faith and the gospel, even at the risk of lost relationships or rejection. Ron’s call to raise the risk resonated with me.  I began this blog as a place for others to document their experiences in raising the risk. Since that time, Ron  has joined me in this blogging endeavor and the heart of raising the risk has evolved into a platform to teach believers to share the gospel, serve the poor, and walk in obedience to Christ.

We write in the hopes to encourage readers to fulfill the Great Commission while living out all elements of the Christian faith.

In Him,



§ 6 Responses to The Authors

  • Robin says:

    Brooke…love your blog-home. I can so relate to you when you say you grew up a scarredy-cat!

    You have a beautiful family … I look forward to getting to know you better~
    All Things Heart and Home

  • Dena Dyer says:

    Brooke, we’re really glad to have you in the blog network at The High Calling. We look forward to getting to know you better. Raising the risk is something we talk a LOT about, and I hope you’ll contribute to our discussions as you can. (I’m a mom of two, as well, and my hubby was a youth minister when the boys were small. So I know you’re busy!) 🙂 Welcome, again…see you around THC!

    • raisetherisk says:

      Looking forward to learning more at THC, Dena. Thanks for your warm welcome and.. yes I am sure you can completely identify! Blessings to you in Christ Jesus!

  • Katie Orr says:

    War Eagle! Thanks for visiting, and linking up at Do Not Depart! Love this family picture.

    Do you realize I never knew this was YOU? I was so intrigued by your blog but never realized it was YOUR blog when you have commented on mine!!!!! How funny! After your FB email today. I was checking out your family blog and saw you wrote this one! WOW! So happy i decided to investigate. I love your heart and passion for Christ. It is so evident in your writing dear friend. 🙂


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