Gearing up for the holidays: Ways to give and save.

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This song beautifuly conveys my passion to live this life so that the nations and the generations will be impacted and reached with the gospel of Christ for the glory of the Lord.  As a mom to two preschoolers, I do not get many opportunities to go into the international world.  My “world” usually consits of Target, Publix, parks and church.  With the advancement of using indeginous peoples to reach the unreached and hard to reach people of our world there are many opportunities to give that were not open to believers in previous generations.

Today, and with video posts throughout this week, I want to highlight our favorite mission to give to during the Christmas season and ask that you join us in giving this year.  I know that the holidays can be a very expensive time of year for many families and individuals, but they do not have to be.  The following are six suggestions for cutting down on holiday gift-giving in a way that frees funds for missions.

We have been given the Gift of His Presence, now let us give presents for His honor just as the wisemen did over two thousand years ago. There are many local and state agencies that provide Christmas gifts for children within the foster care system and those belonging to low income families.  I encourage you to give to these as you feel led of the Spirit.

Internationally speaking, our favorite mission to join with is Gospel for Asia.  Would you visit their site today to learn more and give?

Now for those penny saving ideas…

1. As a family, choose to openly re-gift for the adults. By openly I mean that the entire family is in on it.  You know that BB gun you never use, but your mom is pining for one? Regift!  Or how about that Cousin Eddy hat that you have never worn?  Give it back to your sister!  (Really, I am hoping that my sister reads this and takes a hint. )

2. Draw names as individuals or as families. This cuts down on the number of gifts especially for larger families.

Actual family picture. My maternal grandmother is on the front row. The third from the left.

3.  It seems that many children, like my own, are inundated with gifts from doting grandparents and with all the aunts and uncles. In light of this, we have greatly limited the gifts that we bought for them.  Last year we purchased only stocking stuffers for the kids.  This year, they are getting the joint present of a train table and train set which I bought on 75% off clearance after Christmas last year.  Shopping early is a great way to save.

4.  Go homemade. With so many ideas on Pinterest, you can easily find a way to beautifully display homemade treats and crafts in a way that your inlaws or outlaws will enjoy. Pictures of grandkids, or grandpets, are nice at any age.  I wrote a poem earlier this year and Ron said, “You should frame this along with a nice picture and give it as a gift.”  I was very grateful for his encouragement and also happy that this may be a sentimental gift that is cost friendly.  Also, consider making copies of old or recent homevideos on DVD. We always watch old Christmas homevideos during the holidays.


5.  Find gifts for your loved ones that hold a special memory and write an accompanying note describing the event.  My mother had a sweet stuffed panda bear when she was a little girl.  My Grammie unsuccessfuly tried to eliminate the said bear from the house on multiple occassions. However, my mom would rescue the teddy at each attempt.  Once Grammie finally succeeded, my mom never lost the memory of her beloved bear.  Many Christmas’ ago, our friend who owns the local drug store heard of mom’s woeful tale and decided to give her a panda bear similar to her childhood bear for Christmas. My mom was thrilled and continues to display her bear each year at Christmas.

6.  As a special gift for the one you love or perhaps your parents or adult children, purchase a journal and write a note each day of December filling the pages with special memories, words of encouragement, or favorite quotes.  Add family photos, magazine clippings, or draw your own illustrations.


Remember when it comes to gift giving it is not the size of the gift or the amount spent, but that you gave in love.

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Raise the Risk Challenge:

  • Purpose, plan, and give more lasting gifts this year which focus on the gospel message and providing for the poorest among us.


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