Not Rich but Willing

October 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

When Brooke and I first contemplated the idea of raising the risk in our lives, we had a vision for people who would thoughtfully and prayerfully consider how God would want them to live. We wanted people to start raising the risk by asking themselves some tough questions:

Is my comfort my god?
Is there a better use of my money…my time…my resources?
Does my marriage exist for me or my spouse?

These questions among others caused us to seriously consider everything that God had entrusted to us including our marriage and children. Since then, Brooke and I have both learned a lot – through our triumphs, yes. But mostly through our setbacks. Even more than personal growth, we had a desire to cast this vision to raise the risk to others starting within our student ministry, and we asked God to give us influence as He saw fit.

What we found was that the church had more risk-raisers than we were aware of, and I happened upon a couple two weeks ago.

This past August, I co-led a team of 30 risk-raisers to the trash dump community of Tegucigalpa, Honduras to build three homes in 4 1/2 days for three separate families giving Ty Pennington’s Extreme Home Makeover Edition a run for their money. One of the 12 children we provided a home for addressed our team at the end of the week and said, “Each night I will look up at this roof and thank God that for the first time in my life, there is a roof covering my family and me.”

Since then, our team has come back and told of the great need that exists there and one couple who heard decided to raise the risk and do something about it. One week upon hearing of our efforts in Honduras, our church received a check in the mail for $8600.00 to fund the construction of two more homes for another two trash dump families. One of the next families on the list has 12 children in one family!

photo taken from

The money came from the excess value of a couple’s home after it had just sold. They quickly came to the conclusion that God had a better use of that money than they did and knew immediately where the money was going after hearing of the need in Tegucigalpa. They were not rich, but they were willing. This couple made their money available for God to use before they knew the specific needs that existed in Honduras. Do you think God looks for people like that to bring about His purposes?

Not rich people but willing people.

Raise the Risk Challenge

  •  Visit here  to sponsor a child for $36 a month and/or read about what people are doing to get these children off the trash dump.
  • Watch this video of a group of people who translated the New Testament into the Kimyal language and ask God to show you in what way He wants you to raise the risk.

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