All the Children of the World

August 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

Books have been flying off my bookshelf the past few weeks.  Peeking my thoughts on heaven and beckoning my heart to return to childlike prayer  was the New York Times Bestseller, Heaven is for Real.

In this book, pastor/dad, Todd Burpo,  recounts his four-year-old son, Colton’s,  visit to heaven while he was undergoing emergency surgery on a ruptured appendix.

Of the many memorable moments in the text is the point that Colton most frequently stressed to his parents, “Jesus really loves the little children.” (Chapter 19)

Jesus loves the little children.

What about children does Jesus love so much? Is it the carefree romps in circles? Giggles a mile long and two miles high?  Awe and thirst for knowledge?  Uninhibited affection?

Children’s simplicity?

Remember that Jesus welcomed the little children to come to Him as His own disciples were dismissing them.  Consider that Jesus told them, “unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3-4

Children approach God in prayer with simple trust that He will do as He has promised. Children’s prayers are simple and straight forward lacking flourish and sophistication that can piously creep into prayer.

We have the absolute privilege of sponsoring two children through Compassion International.  Our daughter, Emily, prays nightly for Pamela Jasmin and Jeffri.  Her prayers are simple and full of faith. “Dear God please be with Pamela Jasmin and Jeffri. Amen”

That is why the simplicity of the gospel appeals to little children.

“I am a sinner and Jesus saves me from sin so that I can be with God. Jesus is the only way to God and forgiveness of sin.”

That was my understanding of Christ and salvation when I was 8 years young. I knew that Jesus had bled and died for me.  I needed to ask His forgiveness and live for Him.

What are we doing to reach the youngest generation on planet earth?

What are we doing to spread the gospel to unengaged and unreached people groups of whom children are a part? (Click here to view Wednesday mornings 2011 Southern Baptist Convention Speaker, David Platt’s message.)

This is not someone else’s battle.  The battle belongs to those professing Christ on planet earth during this breath.  The battle starts with the young.

To  approach Jesus in prayer like a child and to honor Him with prayers for them is one way of leading the youngest generation of those that Jesus loves.

Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost and left us with the command to continue His work to the ends of the earth because He loves all the children of the world.

Raise the Risk:

  • Seek to serve children in your local body of believers, your neighborhood, and/or globally.
  • Pray like a child talking to his Father.  Seek to know God’s heart and be honest with Him about the state of yours.
  • Begin a (new) sponsorship of a Compassion Child or consider another one of the 30 Ways to Raise the Risk.

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