Hold Fast to Seeking Him

June 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

Moments strung together make up the mind’s eye picture of life.  Our bodies, bound flesh of formed dirt, witness, experience, and create moments.

Consider, a week of moments…

Seeing a child with down syndrome kicking and pummeling a punching bag.  Fists flying and grunts echoing as her mom cheers her on all smiles and laughter.

The last breath of a young woman whose body grew old before her soul.

A marker in time. The beginning of a new decade in your life bringing knowledge that the years ahead may impact the future generations more than the yesterdays combined.

A spoken gift of gratitude towards the sacrifice of yourself.  Knowledge that your love was not wasted or ignored.

The call that tragedy has striked,  you are being squeezed, and wondering what will come out.

In each moment it all comes back to Jesus. Either we are choosing to live in obedience to Him or we are choosing to fulfill our flesh.

He is the I AM, the Creator God, the Author.

Be it our first breath, our last, or all those in between. He is the one who sustains us and gives us life.  Why did He do it? Why create a people who He knew would betray Him, reject Him and go their own way?

For love.

For glory.

For relationship.

As we close this series on fasting, let us be reminded that Christ sacrificed that we may have a filling for all of our want.  The Breath of Life for our dead dry bones.

To experience want, need, lack  is to know our true state and point us to our true Sustainer. Like empty bowls expectant to be filled, we come seeking Christ.

In our self-inflicted state of want, as we pursue The Bread of Life, not bread alone, we will be confronted by our sin.  We will ask, what on earth are we truly ravishing after?

Fasting helps us to focus on that which we should hunger and thirst for.

Whether in the beginning of life, or the end, it all comes back to Jesus the giver and sustainer of life. Each moment spent either in pursuit of Him or of the fleeting.

While in this body of bound dust of the earth, let us hold fast to seeking Him.

Lord, Thy Church on Earth Is Seeking

by Hugh Serlock

Lord, Thy church on earth is seeking Thy renewal from above; Teach us all the art of speaking With the accent of Thy love. We would heed Thy great commission: “Go ye into every place; Preach, baptize, fulfill My mission, Serve with love and share My grace.”

Freedom, give to those in bondage, Lift the burdens caused by sin; Give new hope, new strength and courage, Grant release from fears within. Light for darkness, joy for sorrow; Love for hatred, peace for strife. These and countless blessings follow As the Spirit gives new life.

In the streets of every city Where the bruised and lonely dwell, We shall show the Savior’s pity, We shall of His mercy tell. In all lands and with all races, We shall serve and seek to bring All the world to render praises, Christ, to Thee, Redeemer, King.

Desiring Fuel for the Soul,


Raise the Risk Challenge:

  • What moments grip your heart and why?  Share them here.
  • Consider what you are truly seeking.  Confess wayward searches and use this hymn as a prayer to God this week.
  • Fast and pray one day this week to seek the filling of the Holy Spirit. As you pray, remember those that involuntarily go without food as well as those who are hungry for the Bread of Life.

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§ 2 Responses to Hold Fast to Seeking Him

  • mitambien says:

    I want to fast, I need to fast and my heart says yes and my flesh screams like a spoiled child. Please pray!

    • raisetherisk says:

      I know it is a hard thing to do. I am writing as one who is in the process of learning. I will pray that you will seek this spiritual discipline. God bless and thank you for reading! Brooke

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