Listen and Hear

May 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

It is all around us.

The God speaking.  A whisper.  It is leading us to know Him and be wooed by Him. It is bidding us to come and die so that we might truly live; to give Him praise and glory and magnify His great name.

What is He saying to you now?

(Click to listen as you read.)

I was complaining just last week about some activity that was going to require more of our family’s time when my husband said, “What is your life purpose again?”

No he didn’t?  Oh yes he did…and by the end of our conversation I was benefited that he did.  He was my iron sharpener that day.

Ron knows that my stated purpose is to impact the nations and the generations with the gospel of Christ for the glory of God.

Even in and sometimes especially in activities that I would rather not put on the to do list, God is presenting opportunities to live out the purpose.

Five years ago when I penned my purpose, I fully imagined Jesus calling us to the mission field but instead he positioned Ron in youth ministry and thereby myself as well.

Surprise, here we are five years later and Jesus knew just what he was doing. What better way to impact the generations than through the young people of today?  This is God’s chosen means for us to fulfill His purpose at the present time.

Back to the conversation with Ron… After a little discussion and some tears,  I communicated to Ron that God  has literally knocked me upside the head (via the concussion from the accident) with my purpose.  “You want to reach the generations don’t you?  Use this experience and all therein to lose your life and put off the old self. Well, open your mouth and speak of me each time you have the chance…”

  • with the older ladies in the pool at the gym
  • praising His name for delivering my children and I from the car accident
  • with those who are helping in our recovery

God’s ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.  They are higher.

Just as God is using my new circumstances for me to fulfill my purpose in new venues, He is also talking to me in fresh ways.

A month ago when I went to the gym to workout I would arm myself with my iPod when on the cardio deck and using free-weights.  Now, when walking in water I have had to leave my iPod at home. (Although it did cross my mind once to attach it to my head… but I digress.) In the silence I am finding that I have the choice to let my mind wander as I walk, or I can use this time to pray and listen to God speaking.

On those rare occasions when I am alone in the pool it isn’t only the sloshing and stirring of the water that fills my sense of hearing.  In those times I find refreshing.  “Lord, wash me with Your Word, speak to me please, let me learn what you are teaching me.”

This week God has been saying, “Fast is more than a speed, Brooke.”

Slow down, breathe, fasten yourself to me, fast and pray…

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that I have purposefully and weakly avoided because it is hard and costly. Wouldn’t you agree?

But there is no doubting it when God speaks, we should obey.  He said this through many ways this week: friends, conversations, books, and impressions on my spirit by the Spirit.

So in my listening, God is speaking.  I am begging Him to speak louder and that these ears and heart of mine would not miss the message, but would hear.

Speak, for your servant hears.- I Samuel 3:10

Listening to and Hidden in Him,


Raise the Risk Challenge:

  • In the next four weeks we will be unpacking the spiritual discipline of fasting.  Would you join me in this practice?  Would you join me as I delve into the scriptures and the knowledge of others to determine the what, why, how, and when of fasting to bring God glory and communion with the Holy Spirit? Will you raise the risk and follow Christ’s example of fasting? Because fast is more than a speed.
  • Read the account of Samuel and see how God spoke to him.
  • Check out my new Playlist page and find some music to listen to that will encourage you to raise the risk.  Enjoy!

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