Risky Thoughts

May 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

They had seen a dead man live again and ascend to heaven before their very eyes.  Thomas had doubted, questioned, then examined and found it to be true:

Jesus is alive and there is work to do.

In response to all that they had seen and heard they pledged their very lives to fulfill the great commission and spread the gospel message. The message of hope and life eternal with God.  The only way to make man and God right again.

Beaten, beheaded, hung on crosses to die and one, of whom it is told, was thrown in boiling oil and lived to receive the Revelation.  What separates our faith from that of these men?  Why do we hug the balance beam and think we’ve done or we are doing what it takes to hear, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.”

Just before leaving for Alabama, I told my husband that I felt somewhat like I was trying to stand up on the balance beam.   I told him that I thought what we were doing was crazy and that it made no sense, but that we were writing a better story.  

It didn’t and perhaps doesn’t make sense to someone (like me) who is accustomed to playing it safe.

After raising the risk and becoming a wreck, there are things that I and my family, and I dare say you faithful readers (to the glory of God alone) are learning as a result of making risky thoughts actions:

  • Sometimes raising the risk is simply obeying.  Obedience may not be the most appealing choice each time, but the dividends are beyond our present knowledge.
  • Running the race marked before us isn’t literal in that running equates movement.  We are called to persevere even and especially when following orders to rest, the confinement of a wheel chair, or faced with loosing everything.

In light of all that I know now about my recent attempt to raise the risk, would I still have buckled up and strapped our kids in for the drive to Alabama?  My husband says that this is not the right question to ask, so I will not  put my musings down black on white for you to consider, but I will tell you this:

  • the effects have been perceivably further reaching
  • the lessons I am learning are deeper and harder than I anticipated
  • the work is not yet done
  • personal encouragement from fellow believers has been elevated beyond my past experiences
  • God is still cleaning this mirror

Due to my injuries from the accident I cannot make the missions trip to Honduras that I was so looking forward to.  That will have to wait for another day, but I am conjuring up ways to raise the risk even though I cannot physically go and find ways to contribute to building homes for the homeless in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  I welcome your input!

When we are deciding whether to take a great risk, we have to remember that God often chooses foolish-looking plans in order to shame the wisdom of the world (1 Cor. 1:27).  The difference between faith and foolishness isn’t the degree of risk. It’s God’s will.  The only way to know that is to immerse yourself in prayer and His Word while seriously considering what he might be saying to you through the counsel of godly, biblically minded people.”

~Chip Ingram in Good to Great in God’s Eyes, pp.127

What are some risky, kingdom driven thoughts that you are having right now?  Go ahead, share them… I know they might sound crazy, but it wouldn’t be the first time would it?

Raise the Risk Challenge:

  • Share with a friend what God is prompting in your heart to do and ask them to pray for and encourage you to be obedient.
  • Consider how you might be a part of the change in Honduras. Pray and then act.
  • Quit hugging the balance beam and do something like a real warrior.
  • Study one of these Biblical risk takers for yourself: Abraham, Moses, Esther, David, Peter, Paul, or Jairus.

§ 2 Responses to Risky Thoughts

  • mitambien says:

    Even though you are battered and bruised the words you share are a blessing and God is using you mightily for His Kingdom..
    I am wanting to help out an orphanage in Uganda.Their needs are many and the cost to mail is high, but we have a big God and He will make a way.I am also wanting to start a small business selling handmade cards and understanding the how too’s is kind of confusing. God planted it in my heart and He will lead me on this too as He does with all the other details of our lives.

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