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Hello Friends,

  I thought that I would fill you in on what I am currently reading that is encouraging me to raise the risk. 

When words jump off pages and challenge me to walk away a different person, they need to be shared.  Here are two books on my shelf right now.  The first I am 2/3’s of the way through and the second I finished last night.

Exhibit A:

I know the lighting in this picture is terrible.  Since it is late while I am posting I am resisting the urge to be perfectionistic.  Saddly I was reading in that light as well!

Excerpt from p. 156

“What kind of things go into an epic movie?” I asked, perhaps letting on that I wasn’t talking about movies anymore….

First, he said, is the thing the character wants must be very difficult to attain.  The more difficult, the better the story. The reason the story is better when the ambition is difficult, Steve said, is because there is more risk, and more risk makes the story question more interesting to an audience.  The greatest stories, Steve told me, are the ones in which the character’s very life is at stake.  There needs to be a question as to whether the character will make it, whether he will defeat the enemy or the enemy will defeat him.

The second element that makes a story epic, he said, was the ambition had to be sacrificial.  The protagonist has to be going through pain risking his very life, for the sake of somebody else. 

Your thoughts??? 

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with the theological viewpoint of Donald Miller, so I cannot speak to that end.  However, the concept behind this book is thought-provoking and I hope will lead me to action.

exhibit B:

This book is all about faith building, missions giving, raising support for missions work, and trusting God.   The real life stories of God’s faithful provision shared in this book are well worth the read. You will be inspired and awed at our God.

Excerpt p. 24

Those who listen to God will find themselves doing things they can’t complete without His help.  They will take steps of obedience, then allow God to do His part.  In other words, Bible faith requires that you do the possible and let God do the impossible. Faith only operates when we have no other resource but God. 

So… what are you reading that is leading you to raise the risk?  Have you read either of these two books?  What did you think?  Here is your chance, raise the risk and respond to help spur others on.


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